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Ours is an industry on the move. The orthopedic industry continues to grow – driven by underlying needs of musculoskeletal patients and improving people’s lives. Want proof? Careers in the orthopedic industry pay around $10,000 more than state and national averages. (Pro tip: that’s a lot of scratch.)

You could be doing anything from joint replacements to spine, sports medicine to trauma or even dental. Co-ops and internships exist in fields from engineering, technology and advanced manufacturing to finance, marketing and HR–and are being filled daily. The industry is looking for many skills and talents.

Who We Need.


These techies and critical thinkers unleash their problem-solving skills to help patients through direct care or innovative products.


That’s short for Research and Development. These scientistsdata crunchers and product designers lead industry growth by testing ideas, evaluating results and discovering new opportunities.

Product Development

These inventors and creators develop products from initial concepts to marketplace launch, where their work transforms lives in medical procedures around the world.

Marketing & Sales

These communicators, marketing and sales professionals help patients, health care providers, the general public and investors understand important procedures, new technologies and the benefits they can provide.


These business partners help create value by identifying opportunities and providing critical information and analysis for operations and strategic decisions.


These business partners are defenders and advisors who protect the companies they serve.

Human Resources

These highly relational professionals serve as business partners to help attract and maintain talent throughout the industry, training them to meet and exceed standards.


These software managers and developers design and implement information systems for smooth operations, big data analysis and financial communication systems.

Advanced Manufacturing

These producers with a purpose create implants, instruments and innovative materials to improve mobility and change lives.


These business-savvy managers and strategic trailblazers inspire their teams to greatness and guide them to success with skilled decision-making and clear leadership.

Quality Management

These detail-oriented professionals apply problem-solving skills to oversee the quality of products and services provided and evaluate their effectiveness in the evolving marketplace.


These conscientious, detail-oriented professionals put the laws and regulations of the federal government into action as they develop, test and commercialize products.

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Bright Future.

Polly is the North America Director for Hip and Shoulder Marketing at DePuy Synthes Companies. Sound like a big deal? It is. And her career at DePuy Synthes Companies began with an internship when she was a student at Grace College.

I graduated on Saturday,” Polly recalls,
and started my career on Monday.

Polly finds purpose in DePuy Synthes’ commitment to advancing patient care every day. She enjoys partnering with surgeons on new products and gaining insight into the industry’s newest innovations.

Fast Track.

Jordan is a fourth-term co-op in Knee Research & Development at DePuy Synthes. Jordan, a bioengineering major, has contributed to several priority projects and submitted a patent application for a knee surgical device he helped to design.

The opportunity to do “real, meaningful work” is what Jordan most loves about his co-op experience.

“I feel respected—I’m truly part of the team—and I’ve been able to do everything from touring cadaver labs with surgeons to presenting new ideas to leadership teams.”


Email us with any questions about our industry and its opportunities. In the meantime, the following frequently asked questions will color in details on the industry and the benefits it offers students.

What’s the difference between a co-op and an internship? +

Internships and co-ops may sound like the same thing, but there are a few key differences. Co-ops are full-time, paid positions that usually last at least three semesters. Internships are short-term assignments that can be full-time, part-time or unpaid, depending on the opportunity. They are usually completed during the summer. Both co-ops and internships provide great experience and company connections. It’s all about what’s right for you. For more information about these opportunities, connect with us.

I’m not an engineer—are there opportunities for me? +

Of course! When you Think Ortho, think options. There are opportunities for people with all types of interests and abilities. Co-ops and internships exist in fields ranging from technology and advanced machining to finance, marketing and HR—and are being filled daily. This industry needs all different kinds of skills and talents.

Exactly how does the orthopedic industry make the world a better place? +

The word “orthopedics” might sound intimidating, but what we actually do is simple. We give people their lives back by improving their mobility and reducing their pain. Across the globe, people suffer from chronic joint and back pain. Pain and mobility loss can take away the things they love most, from picking up a child to planting a beautiful garden. Advanced innovation from the orthopedic industry can remove that pain—making it possible for these patients to enjoy activities they thought they had lost forever. That’s how we make the world a better place.

Exactly how is this industry changing? +

Ours is an industry on the move. By 2030, the projected number of hip and knee replacements per year in the United States will reach of 4.5 million. Plus, Warsaw’s orthopedic companies generate more than 17.5-billion dollars of annual revenue.

What’s it like to be in Warsaw in your early-20s? +

Trust us, Warsaw has more to offer than you might think. This city has a great quality of life and an extremely affordable cost of living on top of that. From outdoor recreation—including world-class lakes and trails—to an eclectic foodie scene, Warsaw residents find much to enjoy. And for a weekend away, Chicago and Indianapolis are each just a couple hours away. Northern Indiana is a great place to be.

Co-ops and internships are great, but can I move up in the company? +

Innovation and technological advancements in our industry improve the lives of patients around the world. And, these same advancements create opportunity and growth in our companies. Careers in the orthopedic industry offer salaries greater than similar positions in other industries—in fact, orthopedic industry workers make around $10,000 more annually than state and national averages. That means advancement is within reach.

Some of these companies are massive. Won’t I have to wait years to really get my chance to shine? +

No way! In fact, you’ll be shining like a star before your first job even begins. Internships and co-ops in the orthopedic industry won’t have you sitting behind a desk all day or getting coffee. Instead, you’ll get hands-on, real-world experience achieving your dreams. Don’t believe us? Read about how Jordan, DePuy Synthes co-op, is listed as a co-inventor on a new knee patent application and how  Polly began as in intern and is now a marketing director for the North American region.

How is the industry involved with colleges and universities around the state—and what’s in it for me? +

The orthopedic industry in northern Indiana is a growing center of innovation and R&D activity. Through OrthoWorx University|Industry Advisory Board, Indiana colleges and universities are collaborating with the orthopedic industry in new ways. This means more opportunity for you.